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Personal Training at High Road Gym

High Road Gym specializes in personal fitness. We have many options to cater to just about anyone's needs.

Whether you're looking to:
  • Get that beach body back
  • Become more toned
  • Are single and looking to get back in the mix
  • Need to shed a couple of pounds
  • Just want to get in better overall shape (and we're not talking a round shape)
Our speciality is our Guided Workouts which give you the perfect combination of individualized workouts with the reasonable rates that small groups provide. We'll run your workout for you, as well as keep track of your progress, in a small group setting. It gives you the benefits of having a personal trainer with the cost of a group workout.

In addition, guided workouts give you scheduling flexibility. Listed here are the guided workout times where one of our trainers will run your workout. However, if you need a different time let us know and we can usually make it happen.